Tunnelsurveyor Introduction

Within the already special underground construction sector mechanized or conventional tunneling is an even more special business.
Different professions are working on successful projects worldwide:

  • Civil engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Geological engineers
  • Economy specialists
  • Environmental engineers
  • Business specialists
  • And many more

But besides all these professions we forget one very important for it´s success:

Surveying engineers !!

Let´s be honest: Besides avoiding a tunnel collapse there is hardly another thing more important than to get your tunnel to break through where you planned to.

There are many known platforms for the tunneling industry as a whole… But if getting your tunnel where you want it to be is so important, why does nobody focus on the people making sure you are able to do so?

This is why we believe in tunnelsurveyor.com !

Our mission:

Tunnelsurveyor´s mission is to

  • SCAN
    gather important information that can ease up their daily life as tunnel surveyors and pass it on to our readers
    not only do we connect professional tunnel surveyors but also other stakeholders having a relevant interest in what surveying underground is all about




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