New generation of PPS Pipejacking Navigation

PPS Target Family

German based Guidance System manufacturer PPS recently announced a new generation of solutions for pipejacking navigation and microTBM projects.

Based on active target units and alignment lasers, these new solutions are designed to integrate into small diameter machines at an attractive price.
Available in two versions PJ-basic and PJ-plus, they are compatible to both new  and existing machines. They may be combined with equipment you may already own such as lasers, distance measurement kits, etc.
PPS Pipejacking navigation systems include the provision of proper reports and documentation of your drive for you and your customers by generating a detailed record of all measurements with time, date and related meta data.

“ A lot of customers have requested a new version of guidance systems for their smaller diameter projects from PPS in the past years. That is why we decided to start with a new generation to suit our clients needs in this regard“, says Quirin Poltinger of PPS.
“ We see an increase of these projects especially in the European and North American market, so it was an logic decision for us to focus on this demand. A lot of projects use analoge solutions for this task. The new PPS systems offer all benefits coming with using digital equipment. Customers want reports, analysis and documentation of the drives and this is what we are able to provide with our new system generation for the pipejacking and microTBM market. “

These solutions are a financially attractive alternative to any high-end TBM guidance system based on Total stations.

Furthermore PPS announced that the active targets would be available as OEM versions as well. This allows customers to integrate them into their own applications acoording their needs.

This way you have the highest flexibility and can choose to either start your own application or make use of the complete package solution PPS can offer in regard to pipejacking navigation.

For more information visit the PPS website .

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