Project report: PPS CutLog and Amberg Tunnel Office Solution

A first glimpse on the new products of the PPS/Amberg cooperation:

User requests certainly are a major driving factor when it comes to developing new features within existing product lines. One of these user requests was the ability to create an as-built model of the cutting performance during a Roadheader job that used a PPS-RH Roadheader Guidance system with automated profile management. So our engineering team came up with a solution for that: The PPS-CutLog !

With  the PPS CutLog function you create a 3D as-built pointcloud of your Roadheader drive. Based on the positioning and navigation function of the PPS-RH system, the 3D position of the cutterhead is known in realtime. While cutting the optional CutLog software module records the Roadheader cutterhead positions in three dimensions, storing them on the PPS all-in-one Industrial PC. Once the drive is completed users may export this CutLog file and use the Amberg Technologies office software to import the data set.

The office software from Amberg Tunnel with the module Amberg Tunnelscan can directly import the CutLog data as an additional point cloud. The point cloud can then be processed together with several other pointclouds to get a fully covered analysis of the entire tunnel. The results can be analysed in 3D view, a 2D map view or a profile view. Furthermore, you can also calculate several statistical reports such as: Over- /Underbreak or excavated volume for accounting topics.

Furthermore the CutLog can be used as basis for shotcrete layer thickness measurements and calculations.


With this analysis customers can profit:

  • by saving valuable time for unnecessary scanning
  • restructure the cutting process to improve progress & performance
  • create clear documentation of the project
  • analyse the project in terms of overall performance
  • create a proof of their work for their customers

Recent use cases of this cooperation and product package from PPS and AT were the 3rd Tunnel Gubrist project in Switzerland and anotherRoadheader project in Spain. The results were used as a direct feedback to further improve the products and to advance their capabilities.

For further questions or implementation in your project please refer to PPS  or Amberg  directly.

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